Austin Reaster

Director of Operations

Hello, my name is Austin Reaster- My background with financial services began with PNC Bank where I provided a hand in developing the busiest branch in Toledo, Ohio. I broadened my perspective on financial services when I achieved my associates degree in Accounting from Eastern Gateway Community College. This degree provides me with the knowledge to help identify potential tax benefits for our clients. As wells as, helping with developing a solid plan for taxes in retirement.

Now, after five years in the financial services field, I have taken the step to join Structured Wealth Management. My role with Structured Wealth is as the Direction of Operations. In this role I will be able to work with our advisor’s to help develop plans that will secure your future. I bring along with me, my ability to help people achieve an understanding on their financial well-being through conversation and analysis. Along with my ability to consistently provide excellent service to any person that walks through our doors.

Everyday at Structured Wealth Management we have the opportunity to truly make a difference in peoples lives, through our continued research and development of alternative strategies for tax saving and retirement planning. I can ensure you that you don’t want to miss out on joining Structured Wealth Management during this time of exponential expansion.