Allie Teats

Director of Client Services

My name is Allie Teats – After earning my bachelor’s degree in Finance and Management at the University of Toledo in 2020, I joined the Structured Wealth Management team as a junior financial advisor. For nearly a year I worked at Structured Wealth Management as a finance intern before accepting a full-time position. I am working towards completing my National Social Security Association certification and getting my health and life insurance license.

Throughout my college experience, there were multiple career paths I was deciding over. Ultimately after my internship with Structured Wealth Management and the positive experience I had in the financial advising industry, I discovered I thoroughly enjoyed helping individuals and couples in their retirement planning. My goal is to finish getting my certifications and give additional aid to the team at Structured Wealth Management with Medicare advice for clients. I am continuing to gain experience and knowledge from our advisors, Thomas Rogers and Brian Schmitz. Working directly with our advisors I have become a point of contact for our clients in answering their daily questions and aiding them in their retirement planning.

Our firm is constantly looking for new investment options, strategies, and solutions to fit our client needs to better improve our overall client experience. I encourage you to take the opportunity to meet with our ever-growing business at Structured Wealth Management.