Our Commitment

Our philosophy is not to simply provide financial services, but to provide partnership and council every step of the way. We seamlessly coordinate the many components of your wealth management plan and are committed to providing financial clarity, solutions, and service that allow you to focus on the things you care about most. One of our greatest strengths is the collaborative team of specialists that we have assembled to serve and support each client. We truly enjoy helping people make smart financial decisions and look forward to learning more about you, your priorities, and your goals.

We are your single point of contact for all of your financial matters.

  • Our coordinated network results in a unified solution that enables you to focus on what is most important to you.
  • By overseeing your entire financial picture, we maintain a deep understanding and awareness of your entire financial life to provide you with clarity and simplification.
  • Our partner organizations combine the credibility of globally-recognized financial firms with local, independent partners working together for you.
  • Each of our partners has clearly defined roles and responsibilities providing accountability and clarity.

A Strong Network

Simplicity Wealth is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor that provides institutional portfolio management, investment research, and trading services through deep integrations with select advisory practices. Collectively, we oversee an intentionally crafted collection of investment strategies which are carefully selected based on your specific needs and goals. On an ongoing basis, extensive research processes are implemented to re-evaluate the asset selection, asset allocation, and fund managers for each investment strategy.

Our Team of Experts is an established network of professional advisors that provide extensive expertise and seamless coordination across all aspects of your financial life. This may include tax preparers, estate planning attorneys, healthcare specialists, business consultants, bankers and lenders, as well as various other specialists.

We partner with Independent Custodians to provide asset custody and safekeeping services which creates a critical barrier between your funds and any outside party or advisor. The custodian provides you with periodic statements, executes trades, and collects all interest and dividend income owed to you.

A diverse group of globally-recognized Investment Managers are used within each portfolio allocation. The Investment Team “manages the managers,” conducting regular and extensive due diligence, investment research, and rebalancing. The investment managers are carefully selected to maintain an allocation in accordance with the stated portfolio objective. Each financial institution represented in the portfolios offers a distinct investment management team and specialty. This introduces an additional layer of oversight and management within your portfolio.

Brian Schmitz

Principal ChFEBC, NSSA

Brian Schmitz, NSSA, ChFEBC has been in the financial planning and investment management business since 1995 when after graduation from Taylor University he was recruited by Merrill Lynch.  While at Merrill Lynch, Brian and a senior advisor managed $480 million in client assets and routinely ranked in the Top 10 of all Merrill Lynch advisory groups out of nearly 20,000 advisors.

Brian left Merrill Lynch in 2002 to join OBS Financial Services, a start-up institutional investment management firm catering to bank trust companies.  From 2002 to 2008 Brian helped OBS grow from basically zero clients to 56 bank trust clients that entrusted OBS with over a billion dollars in assets to manage.  In 2008 Brian, and the other principals at OBS, chose to sell the company to Texans Financial, a credit union owned by Texas Instruments.

After the sale of the company Brian and three other former members of OBS Financial Services founded Structured Wealth Management, a Registered Investment Advisory firm in Toledo, Ohio.  At Structured Wealth Management Brian went back to his roots managing money for small companies, business owners, and individuals at or near retirement.  At Structured Wealth Brian is able to use the same strategies and portfolios he used to help OBS Financial Services have tremendous success managing trust accounts for banking clients throughout the United States.

In 2009 Brian and his two business partners also began opening tax offices in Toledo, Ohio.  Since 2009 the tax offices have done over 20,000 tax returns for individuals and companies in Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan.  Brian says, “having a tax background allows us to calculate social security maximization strategies and then coordinate the social security benefits with distributions from taxable and tax-free accounts to minimize or eliminate taxes for clients in retirement”.

Brian lives in Holland, Ohio with his wife Brooke and sons Beckham and Blaine.  When he is not working he enjoys spending time with his family at Devils Lake and playing golf with friends and clients.

Tom Rogers

Principal ChFEBC, NSSA

Thomas specializes in providing strategies and guidance for those who are seeking a better lifestyle in retirement. Whether you have a retirement nest egg of five million or $50,000, we can help you make sure it works as hard and as smart as you did in earning and saving it. Like many people, your retirement may last as long as 30 years and you simply cannot afford to make mistakes with your retirement money and run the risk of ruining your lifestyle during your leisure years. We have helped individuals and couples, at all economic levels, to achieve their financial and long-term goals and enjoy retirement by working hard and smart, and being ready for them when needed.

There is no one “best place” to put your retirement money because each individual and couple has unique requirements, different tolerances for risk, and need their money at different times. Likewise, there is no one place to keep your money that fits everyone for exactly the same reasons. Your unique circumstances must be taken into consideration if you seek to find the “most favorable place” for your retirement money. This is where we can be of service.

We’re very hopeful for an opportunity to discuss your retirement strategy so you can learn firsthand how we can be of benefit. There is no cost or obligation of talking with us by phone or meeting to discuss your circumstances and your retirement goals. We look forward to working with you soon to help you lower your stress and worry over your retirement years.

Investment Team

Steve Osterink, Jr.


Steve Jr. is the driving force behind the development and innovation of Advisory Alpha’s investment solutions and platform. He leads the investment team and brings more than a decade of experience to the firm as well as extensive knowledge of personal finance and asset management, as evidenced by his CFA®, CFP®, and AIF® designations.

Steve Osterink, SR.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the financial services industry and working with investors, Steve Sr. co-leads the investment team. He has an uncanny ability to focus in on practical solutions to complex problems, and his wisdom is a valuable resource for the firm.

Nick Heinrich


Holding the CFP® designation and as a CFA® Candidate, Nick leads a team of financial planning consultants that implement various portfolio analysis and planning resources with the goal of improving clients’ financial situations. Nick is a key member of the investment team and is positioned to craft comprehensive solutions to financial challenges that span all stages of the financial planning process.

Jon Lohr


Jon has a diverse background in corporate finance and investment management. He manages the daily investment research and portfolio management responsibilities for the investment team which involves asset allocation research, fund monitoring and due diligence, investment strategy evaluation and implementation, and performance monitoring.

Brian Kragt

Dedicated to detail, responsiveness and efficiency, Brian is responsible for the firm’s trade management and portfolio accounting systems. This includes everything from
implementing portfolio investment decisions, account rebalancing, cash management functions, trade execution, account billing, and performance reporting.

Janine Osterink

Janine manages our accounting and financial systems, human resources functions, and office operations. She is also a key member of our compliance team and supports various departments across our firm including trading, financial planning, performance reporting, and account billing.

Mike Baker

Mike has a strong background in computer science and statistics which aids in his role as a key member of our operations team. He leads our technology initiatives as well as
supports the trade management and portfolio accounting functions.

Kate Koeman

Katie leads our compliance team through her broad knowledge of both corporate and branch-level industry compliance. She is a CFP® Candidate and her consultative approach
contributes to a culture of strong regulatory adherence while helping to ensure effective communication.

Plan For Your Future

There is no one “best place” to put your retirement money because each individual and couple has unique requirements, different tolerances for risk, and need their money at different times. Likewise, there is no one place to keep your money that fits everyone for exactly the same reasons. Your unique circumstances must be taken into consideration if you seek to find the “most favorable place” for your retirement money. This is where we can be of service.